For the first time, Kinross has sought independent assurance of certain key parameters included in this report.

Parameters were selected based upon their use as KPIs for management, and alignment with parameters of interest within external benchmarking indices. This includes parameters in the following key areas:

  • Workforce safety;
  • Energy;
  • Greenhouse gas emissions;
  • Water use;
  • Waste generation.

Kinross has engaged KPMG to provide limited assurance over these performance indicators for 2013. Their assurance report can be found on the next page. KPMG has also provided limited assurance over our Conflict-Free Gold Report and their independent assurance report can be found in the CR Report Downloads Archives on

In keeping with our previous reports, we have also elected to pursue a GRI check of this report. We are reporting to a GRI Report Application Level A. Our GRI Content Index, including the location of Standard Disclosures, is available here.

Indicators that have been independently assured are indicated with an [A].