Report scope and boundary

Performance is reported for the fiscal years ended December 31, 2012 and December 31, 2013.

We have included data from previous years, where available, as well as information for material subsequent events occurring in 2014. We have reported on our operations and growth projects where Kinross held a 50% or greater ownership position and for our operations and joint ventures where Kinross was the operating partner responsible for management and operational performance for a majority of 2012 and 2013. Throughout this report, the terms “Kinross” and the “Company” refer to Kinross Gold Corporation and/or its applicable subsidiaries and affiliates. Where this report includes references to performance information that is reported in other Kinross publications, or is available on our website, these disclosures should also be considered an integrated part of this report.

The following changes have occurred since we published our 2011 report.

Dvoinoye In October 2013, the Dvoinoye underground mine went into production, providing ore for processing to our Kupol operation. We are reporting safety data for 2012 and 2013 and will begin reporting environmental performance data for the site for its first full year of operation in 2014.

La Coipa Kinross announced the suspension of mining operations of the existing ore body at La Coipa in the fourth quarter of 2013. Performance data has been reported for 2012 and for 2013.

Fruta Del Norte In June 2013, Kinross announced that it would not be pursuing development of the Fruta Del Norte (FDN) project. However, as care and maintenance activities continued at that site throughout 2013, we have included safety performance and other related data pertaining to FDN, including our activities and strategy for closure in Ecuador. For more information, please see Looking Back at Kinross in Ecuador.

The activities and initiatives of our reclamation sites are important to Kinross and have been reported qualitatively throughout this report.


As a result of ongoing efforts to improve reporting, some minor changes to previously reported data have been made. These are largely the result of improved data collection at our operating sites, as well as the implementation of standardized reporting protocols. Except where specifically noted, these changes have had no material impact on reported performance characterization.

Kinross uses an online data collection system to support performance reporting from our operating sites in key areas of environmental and socio-economic performance. Data were compiled and reviewed for accuracy as part of our internal quality assurance process prior to publication.

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