Working Conditions In Mauritania

Kinross is making a major investment in the development of human capital in Mauritania through education and economic development. We are investing heavily in developing a new generation of skilled Mauritanian employees.

At Tasiast, as is the case across the Company, we hire employees irrespective of gender or ethnic origin, and adhere to the Kinross Code of Business Conduct and Ethics with respect to human rights and equal opportunity.

Kinross employs several contractor services at Tasiast, and specific clauses are included in all contracts which require these firms respect the rights of their workforce. In addition to compliance with Mauritanian law, by contract these firms are required to comply with the Kinross Code of Conduct and Business Ethics; Tasiast standards regarding main camp and subcontractor camp Hygiene, Health and Safety; and Tasiast Internal Rules and People Management Practices.

We have implemented a “Subcontractor Compliance Bureau” with a mandate to track, control, and audit contractor compliance with these aforementioned obligations. The union leaders and union representatives on site and Inspector of Labour (now permanently based at the mine) monitor the labour and social life on site and work with management to deal with any worker grievance and claim. This includes both Tasiast employees and contractor employees. At Tasiast, the union delegates are democratically elected by the entire worker population, which is ethnically and demographically diversified.