Kinross is one of the only large private enterprises in the region near our Kupol and Dvoinoye operations. We provide economic and social support to the indigenous peoples of the region (including Chukchi, Eskimo, Even, and others) through employment, contractor and supplier purchases, and other services.

In 2008, we signed an agreement with the Chukotka Regional Association of Indigenous Peoples of the North, Siberia and Far East, to help ensure that the benefits arising from our Kupol operation reach the region’s indigenous peoples. In 2013, along with the indigenous peoples association and other stakeholders, we initiated a review of the agreement based upon the experience of the first five years. As a result of these discussions, the agreement was renewed with continuing prioritization of local employment, training, and support for traditional livelihoods, and adding focus areas such as community involvement in environmental monitoring, capacity building through local business, and active engagement with youth.

Since its inception, a representative of the Association sits on the Foundation’s selection committee and one-third of the $250,000 annual grants are earmarked for indigenous peoples’ initiatives. A total of 46 projects have been awarded by the Foundation. An overview of Kupol Foundation initiatives is provided in the Community and Social Development section of this report.

Developing Young Leaders in Chukotka

In April 2013, we initiated a new joint project of Kinross and the Association of Indigenous Peoples of Chukotka – Young Leaders’ School (the YLS) in the Pevek and Chaunsk Districts of Chukotka. The project aims to encourage youth to develop managerial and leadership skills, promote culture and traditions of Chukotka’s indigenous peoples, and support a healthy lifestyle. A total of 16 young participants between the ages of 18 to 23 from the villages of Chaunsk District participated in the school activities. Over the course of a week, the YLS carried out roundtable discussions, sessions on the rights of indigenous peoples, and meetings with local government and various non-profit organizations. The participants conducted a seminar on Social Partnership, modelled on the framework of the Kupol Foundation, and delivered presentations about the challenges facing their settlements. Several days were dedicated to personal development training. Guided by a professional coach, the participants identified their goals and values and improved their presentation and public speaking skills. Upon completion of the course, all participants noted an improvement in both their self-esteem and confidence and had gained a better understanding of their respective roles in society and the power they have to make a positive contribution to resolving problems in their communities. A graduation ceremony and concert performance was held to recognize graduates of the YLS of Indigenous Peoples of Chukotka. Building on the success of the inaugural program, in March 2014, the YLS hosted the indigenous youth of the Bilibino District of Chukotka. The 2014 session included 14 participants, working young people under 30, who had a particular interest in meeting with entrepreneurs from the Bilibino and Chaunsk Districts and to learn from their experience and business success. The YLS is an ongoing initiative and sessions will be held annually.

“Participation in the Young Leader’s School helped us understand that our lives have only just started and that we have the power and ability to achieve everything we want in our lives.”

Elena Ettuvgi