Engaging our employees

A key measure of employee engagement is our biennial global employee survey, which allows us to track the drivers of engagement and enables us to compare our results against a Global Mining Benchmark.

In 2013, we conducted our fourth global employee survey, achieving a response rate of 77%, consistent with a participation rate of 78% in 2011. The overall results told us that performance management, values, and health, safety and wellness are key drivers of engagement at Kinross. The 2013 survey showed significant improvement in scores in 9 out of 11 categories over previous surveys and compared favourably to the Global Mining Benchmark, with an overall above-average industry score for Engagement. Our top categories were Workforce Health and Safety (82% favourable) and Corporate Image and Sustainability (81%). Among the areas showing significant improvement, employee perceptions regarding Total Rewards also increased by 8%.


The 2013 employee engagement survey measures and defines more than simply an employee’s level of satisfaction with the organization; it also evaluates and measures an employee’s personal level of commitment. Strengths and opportunities identified in the results include:

(Indicates % surveyed who agree with statement)

87% Kinross Gold values safety as a top priority
81%  I am proud to be a part of Kinross Gold
88% Kinross Gold is an environmentally responsible company
80% Kinross Gold is socially responsible in the communities where we operate
79% I believe strongly in the goals and objectives of Kinross Gold
85% I understand how my work contributes to the Company’s business objectives
76% I have the equipment/tools/resources needed to do my job effectively 
68%  There are no substantial obstacles at work to do my job well
80%  My work gives me a sense of personal accomplishment
82% The people I work with get along well together