Our human resources strategy

Putting People First means not only creating an operating environment where we never compromise on health and safety, it also means providing a rewarding and meaningful livelihood to the 9,100 men and women worldwide who make up our Company.

Our people – their talents, skills, motivation and leadership qualities – are critical to our future growth and success. We are respectful of the values, traditions and cultural realities of our diverse workforce, while also staying true to global values and standards of social engagement and performance that, we believe, must define all Kinross operations worldwide. We support the professional development of our employees and give them a broad exposure to challenges and opportunities across the Company.

In this context, 2012-2013 posed new challenges for the Company as operating realities at some sites made some staffing reductions necessary. Against this backdrop, we remain committed to our goal to be “an employer of choice” among responsible global mining companies through best practices in all aspects of the employee life cycle, including:

  • Best-in-class health and safety management systems and programs;
  • Employee education, training and development;
  • Workforce diversity and local hiring;
  • Competitive compensation and benefits;
  • Retrenchment consistent with the International Finance Corporation (IFC) Guidelines;
  • Labour rights consistent with our UNGC commitments.

Over the past two years, we have worked to advance our human resources strategy through a number of key initiatives, including:

  • Launched a new Human Resources Information System in 2013 that integrates a number of key HR programs across the Company, including talent management, learning management and performance management;
  • Introduced and implemented regionalization across our operations in 2012 to ensure that our approach to human resources meets the unique and diverse needs of each region;
  • Established the Kinross Way for Human Capital with a particular focus on forecasting our workforce needs globally;
  • Improved our performance management system, recognizing that performance management is a key driver of employee engagement;
  • Strengthened our focus on retention over recruitment, including a push to fill positions internally and to develop our diverse workforce;
  • Implemented workforce reduction strategies in accordance with IFC guidelines to support the cessation of development work at Fruta Del Norte and the suspension of operations at La Coipa;
  • Launched a global leadership development assessment in order to develop a strategy to ensure our current and future leaders are equipped to deliver on future business strategy;
  • Continued to review and modify our compensation and benefit programs to be competitive in each market, including improvements to existing programs in Canada and the U.S., expanding our employee share purchase plan to employees in Ghana.

2013 Kinross Employees By Country