Workforce health and safety

At Kinross, health and safety is our number one priority – among employees, partners, contractors and suppliers, and in the communities in which we operate.

Working safely reflects a well-run operation and a skilled and dedicated team making the right decisions. Throughout our organization, we are committed to achieving excellence in health and safety performance, and to everyone returning home safe and healthy every day. We meet that pledge through our health and safety policy and framework, regular and comprehensive training, and the targets and performance standards we have established. Our Chief Operating Officer leads our focus on safety. Oversight and governance rests with the Corporate Responsibility Committee of the Board of Directors.

We achieved one of the best safety records in the industry in 2013, with zero fatalities and the lowest injury rate among our peers.

Regrettably, in 2012, we experienced one contractor fatality at our Chirano mine site and one employee fatality at our winter road staging facility in Pevek in Russia.

In 2012 and 2013, we reinforced our commitment and management of health and safety through a number of key measures:

  • Identified priority areas for improvement through analysis of fatal incidents at Kinross. Programs are in development to strengthen fatality prevention, including road-going vehicle safety, permit-to-work practices, and contractor management. These programs will be rolled out across Kinross sites in 2014;
  • Revised Kinross’ short-term incentives for compensation regarding safety performance to give equal weight to performance against leading and lagging indicators beginning in 2014;
  • Implemented an online reporting system to simplify and enhance the consistency of monthly reporting in 2012. Integration with Kinross’ incident reporting system will continue in 2014;
  • Conducted a company-wide gap analysis at all sites in 2013, except Kettle River-Buckhorn, to assess progress in meeting Kinross corporate standards which were revised in late 2012. We did not conduct the gap analysis at Kettle River-Buckhorn, as mine closure is planned before the two-year audit cycle.

Five-year Safety Performance
(Employees and Contractors)
(per 200,000 hours worked)