Gender Diversity

At the end of 2013, our Board of Directors was composed of three women and nine men. We employed 35 women at the Director level and above in 2012 and 30 women at the Director level and above in 2013. We initiated a review of gender diversity across the Company late in the year and, in early 2014, we established a team to advance our understanding of gender diversity at Kinross and enhance diversity efforts within Kinross.

Kinross Gender Diversity
Female share of total workforce (%) 11 11
Females in management positions (% of total management workforce) 11 15
Females in junior management positions, i.e., first line management (% of total junior management positions) 9 16
Females in top management positions, i.e., maximum two levels away from the CEO (or comparable position) (% of total top management positions) 14 12

2013 kinross employees by age and by country

2013 Kinross employees by gender