Local Hiring

Creating meaningful livelihoods for our employees is one of the most powerful positive social impacts of our business, especially when we are able to create new opportunities for women, youth, and residents of remote areas with limited alternatives. While our goal is to hire the best employee for the job, local employment is an important objective, and the majority of our operations have established practices that encourage and promote the hiring of qualified local candidates. At the end of 2012, approximately 77% of our senior managers and 96% of our employees were local hires from the host community, region, state, province or country. In 2013, local hiring increased to 80.3% for management and 97.2% for other employees.

2013 Local Employee Hiring by Country
Percentage of employees that are nationals from the country of operationsTotal EmployeesManagement Only
Brazil 99.6% 94.7%
Chile 98.4% 93.7%
Ghana 99.2% 91.4%
Mauritania 88.5% 28.0%
Russia 97.7% 82.5%
US 99.9% 100.0%
TOTAL 97.2% 80.3%

Local Employment in Mauritania

Tasiast is committed to using national workers wherever possible and has invested heavily in training and skill development programs for the local workforce. Over the past three years, Kinross has spent $25 million to train workers and create apprenticeships. In 2013 alone, we invested $8,723 per employee in training at Tasiast. As a result, Mauritanian workers account for the overwhelming majority of the Tasiast labour force in both the Tasiast operation and the contractor workforce. As of December 31, 2013 year-end, and following layoffs at the site, Tasiast directly employed 1,495 people, of which 88.5% were Mauritanian. Tasiast’s contractors also employed a total of 2,322 people, of which 90%, were Mauritanian nationals. We have also filed a detailed “Mauritanization Plan” with the Mauritanian government, which outlines plans to progressively increase the number of locally employed workers at Tasiast. Mining is a relatively new industry in Mauritania, few nationals have had the benefit of management experience in mining. Kinross is therefore also focused on providing leadership training to prepare Mauritanian employees for management roles at Tasiast and to steadily increase the percentage of national workers in senior positions.