Corporate donations and sponsorships

Although corporate donations and sponsorships are small relative to our benefit footprint, entrepreneurship, our investments in local infrastructure, community programs, and other initiatives help leverage that benefit footprint to create opportunities in the communities where we operate.

Our Corporate Donations and Sponsorship Policy identifies the following key areas of focus:

  • Health (including facilities, equipment, and services);
  • Environment (including sustainability and alternative energy programs);
  • Education (including skills and vocational programs at the community level, and research and training programs relevant to the mining industry).

In addition, we support non-profit organizations that undertake public policy research and/or promote initiatives aimed at promoting international co-operation and development through responsible mining, entrepreneurship and small businesses.

2013 Community Contributions
($ millions)

In September 2013, Kinross employees and their families, along with 1,600 volunteers, helped pack 659,000 emergency relief meals at a Fight Against Hunger event at the University of Guelph. The meal packs were distributed to Mauritania and the surrounding region to combat the ongoing food crisis affecting more than 10.3 million people in the sub-Sahara region of Africa. Kinross has provided $100,000 to support the program.