Global Energy Efficiency Program

Our Global Energy Efficiency Program is focused on reducing our energy intensity through the optimization of processes, equipment, and operating practices. It includes three main approaches:

Be Disciplined, understand where and how we use all our energy by sources to establish baselines and energy Key Performance Indicators (KPIs);

Be Proactive, conduct energy assessments at our operations to identify and implement areas of improvement in energy consumption and cost;

Be Sustainable, implement means of achieving a continuous improvement in energy management.

Our global strategy is supported by an Energy Committee, comprised of representatives from each of our operations. The committee’s mandate is to support our energy strategy by:

  • Generating new ideas for energy savings;
  • Promoting the Energy Efficiency Program;
  • Sharing knowledge and best practices;
  • Tracking the KPIs and benchmarking;
  • Facilitating the implementation of action plans;
  • Supporting our energy awareness campaign.

Given the diverse operating context and stage of mine life at each operation, each site is advancing their energy efficiency programs at different stages. We are also working closely with our suppliers to find additional opportunities to reduce our energy intensity in both fuel and electricity.

Employee awareness is essential to improving energy efficiency. As part of the Kinross Way Forward, we launched an Energy Management campaign across our operations in 2013.