Non-mineral wastes

Non-mineral wastes include everything that does not originate as mineral materials in the actual mine, such as spent batteries, fluorescent light bulbs, cupels and crucibles used in the refining process, waste oil and spent solvents. Grinding media (mill liners), truck tires, and reagent packaging also fall in this category. We are continuously seeking ways to reduce waste generation as well as increase the amount of waste we can recycle or reuse. We dispose of materials that cannot be recycled or reused in a manner that is environmentally acceptable, in compliance with regulations and using handling and storage procedures that ensure people and the environment are protected. We have recycling programs at each of our operations. In 2012, we recycled approximately 53% of non-mineral wastes and 36% [A] in 2013.

Non-mineral waste generation in 2013 was affected by operational as well as one-time activities at Maricunga. The recently inaugurated SART plant generates a non-hazardous gypsum that is disposed of on the mining property. The on-site landfill reached its permitted capacity and domestic waste was shipped off-site to a municipal landfill, pending the completion of a new landfill. Also at Maricunga, the operation cleaned up laydown and contractor project yards that had accumulated over the years. These operational and one-time activities accounted for approximately 43% of the Company’s total non-mineral waste generation in 2013.

Non-Mineral Wastes Intensity
(kilograms/tonne of ore processed)