Corporate responsibility governance and organizational structure

Our organizational structure integrates the governance and management of corporate responsibility at the highest levels of the Company, acknowledging the crucial importance it plays in maintaining our licence to operate.

Management responsibility resides:

  • At the Board of Directors’ level, with the Corporate Responsibility Committee. This committee oversees the development of policies relating to environment, health and safety, and social performance and implementation of programs to ensure compliance with applicable environmental laws and Kinross’ CR guidelines and policies; and 
  • At the Senior Leadership Team, with the External Relations and Corporate Responsibility (ER/CR) Group headed by our Executive Vice-President, Corporate Affairs, who reports directly to our Chief Executive Officer. The ER/CR Group oversees corporate responsibility, including environment, community relations and project permitting.
  • The Vice-President of Environmental Affairs and Project Permitting and the Vice-President of Corporate Responsibility report to the Executive Vice-President, Corporate Affairs.
  • The Vice-President of Health and Safety reports to the President and Chief Operating Officer.

Regional Vice-Presidents are responsible for CR performance regionally and each General Manager is responsible for CR performance at the site level. Each operation has designated teams for environment, health and safety, and community relations. Performance in all areas of CR, including safety, social and environmental performance, is tied to short-term incentives for compensation.